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Thanks to Ken Hoge for b/w archival photos

Thanks to Rene Simon and John Nelson for Inner Sanctum, 36th Birthday, and ArtlyFest Photos

Lots of Pix Here!

Chas IS Rinse
Best Proof that the biggest dicks come from Texxxas Son of the Desert Come Back Robert! I do not belong to the usA Kent Eddy @ Spamarama Dr. Dave
ZZ Mop Set...Continental Club Gramps Ernie
Mike........Savage Son JFKLN Craig

'Some' First Savages at first performance.....Ritz Theater.....December 12, 1974

In Memoriam

Doug Sahm

Bill Ellison

James Hamlin
We will miss you, Fred.

Fred Beech

Bill Livingood

Steve Gay

Bob Gay


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